The PRADA VR Project begins in 2017 for distribution in Prada stores all around the world, with the idea of accompanying the user inside the brand’s universe, stimulating their senses and emothions through intense and engaging first-person experiences.
The client, wearing the headset, may choose among dozens of different contents: fashion shows, Prada Foundation, the journeys inside the Epicenter stores, a peek behind the scenes of the Prada factories in Italy.

During the pandemic, in May 2020, PRADA VR was launched as a library of 13 free experiences chosen for the main VR platforms (Oculus Meta, Youtube VR, Veer, etc).
We also take care of the app for distribution, the production of VR game experiences such as “Prada Journey”, and special events like the worldwide tour “Prada Invites”, with the participation of tha most renowned Google TiltBrush VR artists.