Guido Geminiani

CEO - Founder, Director

Graduated in psychology with a thesis on the use of audiovisual in prison facilities, he began his career in the video world as editor of television programs for Mediaset and MTV.
In 2005 he founded his first company “Sick Girl srl” which becomes a real communication phenomenon with which he produces content for Sky, Vodafone, Tre, Tim, Rai2, promotes tours and live shows in Italy and designs the eponymous “social” network”.
In 2008, after several independent productions (All Music, Le Iene …) he began a volunteer experience in North Uganda that will lead him to become the communication project leader for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sub-Saharan Africa with missions until 2013.
In 2010 he founded “Brandon Box”, a production company specializing in branded content (Yahoo !, Condé Nast, Mondadori ..) and today more and more oriented towards the world of cinema and the production of original contents.
In 2014, after having realized several commercial interaction projects (Kinect with Marlboro, interactive app with Coop, interactive projections with Roche), he began to stratify his experience in the world of virtual reality with immersive productions that, in parallel with years of research and experimentation in this field, they lead him to develop an innovative “360 – 3D – full body – in motion” production technique, giving life to a new communication language to which he gives the name “IMPERSIVE”, like the company he founded.
CEO of IMPERSIVE and reference director, he continues to develop and implement production techniques. From 2014 to date, he has designed and directed more than 100 commercial projects for the major tech brands (Samsung, Google, Sony), the leading Italian Serie A football teams, the leading brands of food, pharma, automotive, telecommunications, television and paper publishers printed.
He is speaker for events like Talentgarden Futureland, Business Innovation Meeting (Samsung), VR Meeting (Samsung), Technology Hub, Torino Short Film Market, Milano Movies Days.
He produces original contents like “The Bomb” “Michael Mask” presented in Cannes Next 2017 and in VR World Forum.
He is strategic consultancy for brands such Prada and Hogan.

Filippo Infantino

Head of Production

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Administration Manager

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Communication Manager

Diego Cattaneo

VR Operator

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VR Editor

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VR Editor

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Research & Development

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Account Manager

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Research & Development