We have developed a unique set of production and post-production technologies recognized internationally to produce 360° stereoscopic, full body, in motion, immersive experiences for virtual reality.


The person wearing a headset ‘acquires a body’ and actively participates in the story becoming an integral part of the experience. The body frame helps to reduce the effects of motion sickness and disorientation in the 360° environment.


We create stereoscopic experiences: the closer the objects are, the more three-dimensional they become, therefore ensuring a realistic perception of depth.


Our produced content accompanies the user in a movement to discover the space that surrounds him by walking, running, riding a bike or driving.


Stereoscopic full-body contents on the international scene are made in 180 degrees. The technology of Impersive combines all these aspects in a 360° environment, making the experience consistent and complete.

Impersive studio has created more than two hundred VR projects for some of the most renowned brands around the world, experiences that have allowed us to reach specific, multi-functional know-how that has become a part of our identity. This technique has been applied to various projects in sports, fashion, food & beverage, numerous industries, entertainment, training, and education.


Every project begins with the question “Who Am I?”. The foundation of our storytelling that allows us to produce credible, engaging and effective content in which the user literally becomes the main character.


During the experience, the protagonist can relate with other characters and objects that are an essential part of the story making the content engaging and full of interactions. Movements, gestures, and actions allow us to create effective links between various scenes in the storyline.


Every second that the user dedicates to us wearing a VR headset is important. Our technique reaches its full potential in videos lasting from three to five minutes, including editing cuts every 8-10 seconds that boost the impact on every individual and increase the number of users reached.


Our immersive experiences are designed to be easily viewed in different engagement activities like events, exhibitions, trade shows, museums, in-store activities and more. Distributed with customized applications managed remotely on 3DOF viewers that offer the best value for money, like Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go.

The effectiveness of our projects is EXCLUSIVELY guaranteed by using a VR headset.
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