The Dakar is the most renowned off-road rally raid across the Sahara desert, since 2020 is being held in Saudi Arabia.

In 2022 we flew to Riyadh, the Country’s capital and one of the stops of that year’s race, to witness and document the life and the work of the team behind the organisation of this legendary event.

Those days’ story is told by an exciting and memorable immersive experience, a journey through a city full of architectural marvels and cultural traditions, and its harsh, merciless, and yet breathtakingly beautiful territory.

The project was produced in collaboration with the Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) for the Ministry of Tourism of Saudi Arabia. It was first distributed during Expo Dubai 2020 inside the Saudi Pavilion and, after that, during every Dakar promotional event.

Today it’s permanently available at Iveco Village, in Turin.